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Links to my various projects and startups.

Direct Leap Technologies Inc.

 Popvox Predictive Dialer
  The world's easiest to use cloud-based callcenter system.
 Telemessaging Service
  Send automated notifications and surveys by phone. Available only to non-profits.
 Data Services
  We provide canvassing and fundraising lists to non-profits. We provide contact lists to polling firms.
 Telecom Product Development and Network Engineering
  Developed electronic products for OEMs, and designed services for telecom operators like Primus and Lavalife (2001-2008).

Renewable Energy Development

 Renewable Power Partners
  Developed and sold 80 commercial solar farm facility developments in the 5 acre range.
 Green Life Power
  Development of solar farm facilities in the 5 acre range in rural Ontario. Remaining assets were sold to Renewable Power Partners.

Older Stuff I've worked on over the years


 TransOrbital, Inc. Link | 1997
  One of the founders of a company that launched a 440-kg test satellite into orbit in 2002.


 Stop Election Fraud PDF | 2011
  Awareness campaign to bring attention to telephone fraud in the 2011 federal election.
 Economic Returns on Transit City Investment PDF | 2010
  Economic analysis on Toronto's transit funding controversy, lead to some public statements and press releases.
 Federal Election Campaign Link | 2000
  Stood as a Toronto NDP candidate during the 2000 Federal Election.

Engineering Research and Mission Designs...

 Cloud Desktop 2006
  We developed an inexpensive, cloud-based laptop computer for developing countries.
 Mars Communication Nanosatellite PDF | 2003
  Reduces the minimum size of Mars science missions using tiny radio relays.
 Reusable Deep-Space Propulsion PDF | 2002
  Dramatically reduces the cost of launching interplanetary spacecraft.
 Atlas Handheld 2000
  Designed a 3G touchscreen smartphone, which runs desktop apps on an external monitor.
 Cislunar Propulsion Engineering Study 1997
  Radical cost-reduction engineering architecture for cislunar payload delivery.
 Moon Society Data Book Link | 1994
  Led a volunteer team of 30 that created a 2,000 document aerospace engineering reference.
 Inorganic Chemistry Research 1994
  Extracting oxygen from moon rocks, asteroid mining, high-performance propulsion, and other interests.
 Canadian Aerospace Resources Directory Link | 2002
  A very comprehensive list of space organizations in Canada.

Publishing and Events...

 The Bicycle Source  Cofounded with Mike Edmonds Link | 1998
  Wrote a couple hundred articles, about two million annual readers at the time. Now derelict.

Toronto Events Listings...

Public Speaking...

There's an Seminar and Article Topics page at Direct Leap.

My Studies...


 Wade Rowland
  Author of eighteen books, journalist, television news producer, now humanities professor at York University. Wikipedia.
 Christine Rowland
  Rock photographer, artist, activist, graphic designer for television, and Internet marketing pioneer.
 Hilary Rowland
  My serial entrepreneur sister has a bio at Urbanette Magazine.

 Be grateful for the people in your life!

 Some fantastic friends and mentors are on Direct Leap's Board of Advisors, who I don't ask questions of nearly enough.

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